The virtual reality mass adoption paradox.

I must warn you, there's nothing revolutionary or particularly helpful to the advancement of society today, but I've been reflecting on the future of virtual reality, mainly its short-term future, and I've come to a very paradoxical conclusion.
I've realized that, even though VR is what's being called the last medium, the culmination of thousands of years of human communications evolution, and even more ironically being the most important social breakthrough since the invention of the world's fastest information sharing network, the internet, Virtual Reality's mass adoption will have to be done through good old fashioned, one-by-one experience of the technology. No way around it.
Just like cavemen did when they hadn't yet developed language, to experience this game-changing, state-of-the-art masterpiece, you're going to need to FEEL it for yourself. Your tiny, lonely self. No word, image, sound or video clip will be able to reproduce that feeling accurately.
To me, there's something ironically delicious about that. It's as if reality wanted to play one last prank on us before we all willingly jack into the matrix.

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