We humbly stand with revolutionary tech.

Virtual reality, with the entire ecosystem of parent technologies that it is spawning, is bound to make our future lives unrecognizable. It will deeply change us as human beings, and allow us to connect with each other in ways that don't even exist yet.

When the early breakthroughs of this new, definitive age of VR first appeared, I watched in awe as I realized its potential for mankind and the advancement of society. From the early work of Mort Heilig all the way to Palmer Luckey, hundreds of pioneers had dedicated countless hours, days, years to creating and pushing this immersive technology forward.

I had never felt so inspired. And desperately wanting to be a part of it, I had never felt so helpless. As a creative director, I am not a technical person. Nevertheless, I decided I wasn't going to let it pass me by. Surely, there was something I could do to help, no matter how humble my contribution.

That's when cybust was born. We are a pedestal for the masterpieces of VR. Guardians of a thousand unvisited worlds. Cybust is an ode to the great minds of our time. Those that create entire universes out of zeroes and ones.  

We work every day, striving to make something worthy of their genius.


Cybust Team